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RE: HRM - Change Worker Type

Jonathan, Thank you for your response. Double checking with HR, they did use the 'Change Worker Employment Type' to change the worker type from 'Employee' to 'Contractor'. The most recent employment history record shows this worker as a 'Contractor'. Opening the 'Change Worker Employment Type...

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RE: HRM - Change Worker Type

In D365 there is a function [Change worker employment type] on the worker form, Worker ribbon .... not sure if AX2012 was the same. Never seen the "Both" type I'm afraid. -- Jonathan Howe Head of IT Cross Manufacturing Bath, UK --

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HRM - Change Worker Type

We created a worker and accidently set the worker type as 'Employee' when it should have been 'Contractor'. It was quickly recognized. We could not see how to just change the 'Worker Type' so they were created again with the worker type as 'Contractor'. The worker no longer shows in the...

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Engineer To Order Support Inside of Microsoft Dynamics with Bluestar PLM (Sept 2020)

Presented by: @Dan Fite and @Jesper Thomsen ​​​ Learn how your Engineering-to-Order (ETO) company can improve the collaboration between Engineering and Manufacturing to avoid bottlenecks, costly errors and longer lead time with Bluestar PLM for Microsoft Dynamics 365 & AX. During the...

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