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Partner Solution Showcase presented by Dynamicweb North America (July 2017)

Dynamicweb is a leading software company developing products that help you grow and optimize your online business. Our All-in-One Business Platform combines Content Management, Ecommerce and Marketing capabilities to create powerful customer experiences across all channels, which increases...

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MSX GROUP (Jan 2017)

Your Expert Resources for Financial Reporting and Budgeting #BIandReporting #BIandReporting #WebinarRecording #UserAdoption #PartnerSolutions #UnifiedOperations

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7 Minutes of Fast Facts: Finding Partner and ISV Information (August 29, 2016)

In just seven minutes, learn a quick tip on how to navigate and utilize all the cool tools at your fingertips! This month's topic: Learn how to find Partner/ISV information within GPUG! This webinar is OPEN to GPUG Members and Subscribers. #PartnerSolutions #WebinarRecording ...

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XpertDoc Technologies (June 29, 2016)

During this presentation, learn how you can take your customer communications to new heights with Xpertdoc’s CCM Platform. Our mission is to help organizations like yours, more effectively communicate with your customers. Leveraging Microsoft Word, users can create highly personalized and...

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Introduction to the Partner Referral Program (May 2016)

In our edition of the Partner Newsletter, we announced a new partner benefit to allow you to engage your customers into the User Groups at a discount. We will be hosting an hour webinar to answer any questions your group might have about the new benefit. Please join to enable your team to take...

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Microsoft Partner SAGlobal Gets Early Lesson in New Dynamics AX with In-House Deployment

SAGlobal is excited to announce that our global business has gone live on the new Microsoft Dynamics AX™, informally known as Microsoft Dynamics “AX7”. We are now using the new Microsoft Dynamics AX™ as our global project management and accounting platform in entities in our North America,...

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Partner Showcase – CCH® SureTax® – Get Your Sales and Use Tax Right! (Dec. 2015)

Ensure the accuracy of your sales and use tax calculations, reduce risk, cut costs and save valuable time with CCH® SureTax®, the most robust, real-time, accurate tax calculation solution. CCH SureTax easily adapts to your evolving products and services, and can be customized to meet...

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