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What is essay writing? What are the types of essays

Essay writing is a genre of formal writing that has maximal importance in educational institutes. Its domain is extended to as much extent as it covers all kinds of topics ranging from science subjects to art subjects. Therefore, it is not wrong to say that students cannot neglect the importance of academic writing. It is the last resort for students to learn the academic writing rules and to apply them according to the assigned topic. 

Usually, the students at the early stage of essay writing contemplate composing lengthy writing pieces a dreaded affair. It happens when a student does not take an interest in creating lengthy essays due to insufficient writing skills or a lack of interest in typing comprehensive writing pieces.

A few students often complain that despite learning all the academic writing rules, they fail to create a handy writing piece. Therefore, it is expedient to mention here that the students should deeply observe how a essay writer service applies the rules and regulations according to the assigned topic. It will assist the students in putting the writing efforts in the right direction that will ultimately, urge the students to make the text compelling and readable.

There are over a dozen types of essay writing, and each essay has a unique purpose. Students need to learn the theme of each piece to compose an up to the mark essay. Firstly, students must know what academic writing is and its importance.

What is essay writing?

It is a further type of formal writing. It demands an essay writer to express thoughts, ideas, emotional feelings, suggestions, and recommendations according to the topic. A writer should also impart recommendations, suggestions, and opinions as demanded by the topic. The primary watchword to compose detailed essays is to illustrate an assigned topic in such a way as the readers should establish a complete understanding of the topic. 

If a student does not have sufficient information about a particular essay, it becomes much difficult for a scribbler to create a detailed writing piece on that specific topic. Therefore, students must research before it commences writing a deep-dyed writing piece. Otherwise, the chances are high that an author may get stuck in the middle while completing the essay. 

Usually, the students seek help from others when they get stuck in completing a thorough writing piece. It is essential to mention here that the students whether observing the writing tactics of a write essay for me service or the expensive one, they must know that a particular essay guideline platform is authentic. Doing so is not an easy task. A student can distinguish between a legitimate essay writing service and the incompetent one only when it himself has a profound knowledge about the essay writer's theme. 

There are four major types of essays that are as follows.

Narrative essay

Descriptive essay

Expository essay

Argumentative essay

Let's briefly discuss all the essays mentioned above bit by bit.

Narrative essay

It is one of the major types of academic writing. It demands a scribbler to narrate a real-life event before the targeted audience. The primary watchword of this specific genre of essay is to categorically tell the readers how it faced an incident that occurred with the author in its past. 

A narrative essay is not merely typing a story before the reader; instead, it is way more than that. It has certain requirements that a writer must fulfill. However, there is no rocket science involved in learning those predefined rules.

In a narrative writing piece, a scribbler is bound to explain each and everything in chronological order and in a normal time-frame. Furthermore, highlighting all the essential characters that have a crucial role in making a particular event complete is necessary for the author. Moreover, a narrative essay pushes the readers to have an open discussion regarding the explained incident or story.

Descriptive essay

It is another type of essay writing that demands a scribbler to describe a specific subject that could be a person, place, or a thing. However, the author needs to have an emotional attachment to a particular subject. It is the utmost duty of a scribbler to have extraordinary writing skills to draw a moving picture and involve all the five senses in the content. 

It is notable, whether a student composes essays on research paper topics or has to compile a lengthy descriptive essay, it cannot create a presentable essay unless it takes a deep interest in academic writing. Therefore, students must consider essay writing as a potent source for raising knowledge and improving writing skills. 

Expository essay

As its name implies, this particular essay demands an author to expose a specific subject by highlighting its subtle features or components. For this purpose, the author dissects a particular subject and briefly discusses each element before the readers. It must establish a relationship among various components and show their dependency upon one another. 

The author needs to explain the whole essay in sequential order. There is no space for emotional feelings that a writer can express. Moreover, giving an opinion, suggestion or recommendation is not encouraged in an expository writing piece. 

Argumentative essay

In this essay, a writer must take a firm stand regarding an assigned statement and present a robust argument in favor of its opinion. It is necessary to give a detailed yet balanced overview on both sides of the topic whether a writer is supporting the topic or negating it. Sometimes, the students make a common mistake of writing away too long essay exceeding the limit of the assigned number of words. It happens with students as online software like words counter for essays are not allowed to use while attempting a surprise quiz or to sit in an examination hall.

Presenting a counter-argument to negate the opponents' viewpoint is also necessary for an argumentative paper. 


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