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D365 Master Planning Unplugged I: Setting Up Master Plans

D365 Master Planning Unplugged I: Setting up Master Plans

February 28, 2018

This webinar addresses static and dynamic plans, single and multiple-plan strategies, and forecast plans.…

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Power BI and D365 Integration 101: Creating Data Entities

Power BI and D365 Integration 101: Creating Data Entities

March 8, 2018

Discover the process for creating data entities and importing/exporting data to a model store. This recording focuses on using the wizard and other tools that make.…

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October 6-9, 2020
Virtual Conference

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Digital Användarföreningslunch - Rundabordsdiskussioner kring PowerPlatform-förvaltning

Välkommen till rundabordsdiskussioner kring hur man förvaltar PowerPlatform! Vi pratar om hur vi hanterar floran av appar som kontinuerligt utökas, ändras och utgår. Hur underhåller man detta? Vad gör vi som användare och IT-ansvariga? Hur påverkar detta IT-miljöerna och förvaltningen...

 Apr 28, 2021 | 12:00 PM - 01:00 PM CET

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D365UG CE Denver CO Q4 LUG meeting Recording and Full Deck

The presentation deck and meeting recording for Q4-2020 Denver CRM LUG meeting, held virtually Thurs. Nov. 12th 2020 #CustomerInsights #PowerApps #PowerAutomate(Flow) #UserAdoption #CustomerEngagement #CRM2011 #CRM2013 #CRM2015 #CRM2016 #Admin #Technical #Leadership

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Creating a Seamless Communication Experience with Your Customers and Employees (Sept 2020)

Presented by: @Julissa Gonzalez ​and @Luke Kanaan ​ It is important for companies to streamline operations and provide a real-time connection between employees and customers. One of the biggest pains faced by many service and installation companies is inadequate methods of communication....

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Engineer To Order Support Inside of Microsoft Dynamics with Bluestar PLM (Sept 2020)

Presented by: @Dan Fite and @Jesper Thomsen ​​​ Learn how your Engineering-to-Order (ETO) company can improve the collaboration between Engineering and Manufacturing to avoid bottlenecks, costly errors and longer lead time with Bluestar PLM for Microsoft Dynamics 365 & AX. During the...

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An Intro to Sycor.Rental for Microsoft Dynamics 365 (Sept 2020)

Presented by: @Nicholas Dove ​ In this introduction to Sycor.Rental, we will show you the equipment rental management functionality Sycor has embedded into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations. Learn how your equipment rental business can increase efficiency and improve its bottom line...

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