D365UG UK - Cambridge Local User Group - ONLINE - 18 Nov 2020

When:  Nov 18, 2020 from 6:30 PM to 8:45 PM (GMT)
Associated with  United Kingdom – D365/CRM

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We are trying something different for our November 2020 meeting.

The format is fast-paced 15 minute sessions on “my favourite feature of CRM” - ten minutes presentation and five minutes Q&A.

Each session has a maximum of two slides - an introduction to the speaker and a summary.

Promises to be an informative and fun event!


6.30pm: Opening

Informal discussion and have a drink!

6.45pm: Ana Demeny - Get on the Power Automate for Desktop train!

Microsoft Tech grows so quickly, it’s becoming more and more exciting and at the same time difficult to keep up to date. If you wanna be the one of the first experts in an area, here’s your chance: RPA within the Power Platform. Hear me speak about this new tech, how to try it out, how to learn more, how to sell and license it.

7.00pm: Luke Hamm - CRM and single version of the truth

7.15pm: Andrew Bibby - Get to know Power Apps Solution Checker

What is solution checker? How do you get it, how do you use it and why you should be using it on every Dynamics 365/model-driven app solution!

7.30pm: Networking

Time for a chat, another drink or just a break!

7.45pm: Joe Griffin - Racing Forward with Environment Variables in Power Apps & Power Automate

8.00pm: Feridun Kadir - Changes to Create PDF/Email to PDF

8.15pm to 8.30pm: Networking

More chat. And another drink?

The Venue

We are holding this meeting online using Teams.

Who can attend?

This meeting is free to attend for all Dynamics CRM users, whether CRMUG members or subscribers. This is thanks to Microsoft’s continued support of these events, providing venues and refreshments for us. You can sign up for a Basic subscription to CRMUG at no cost. Don’t miss this opportunity to experience what the CRMUG has to offer you and other Dynamics CRM users!

All Dynamics CRM users are welcome. CRMUG Membership extends to ALL employees at your company, so we encourage you to invite your colleagues and fellow peers. Partner Members are welcome to attend provided they are accompanied by a customer and they can refer to our Code of Conduct for additional guidelines.

Cambridge Committee

This user group is supported by Dynamics Communities and the UK Committee but is driven by a committed set of community leaders. If you have any questions please reach out to them!
Feridun Kadir - LinkedIn
Jo Anslow -
Nigel Cole - LinkedIn
Pippa Newby - LinkedIn​


Online Instructions:
Url: http://www.d365ug.com/uk
Login: Will be held using Teams - details to be provided


Feridun Kadir
+44 1279 263646

Event Presenters

Ana Demeny

Title & Company: Lead Software Engineer, IMGROUP Ltd
Presentation Title: Get on the Power Automate for Desktop train!
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Luke Hamm

Title & Company: GovGrant
Bio: Luke has over 10 years of commercial and general management experience with the UK’s largest insurance broker, Aon Ltd. His roles have included account management, new product development, continuous business improvement and change management. He came to GovGrant as CCO to transform the business and deliver unprecedented growth. Now as CEO he is ensuring ...
Presentation Title: CRM and single version of the truth

Andrew Bibby

Title & Company: Dynamics 365 Project Adviser & Microsoft MVP, CRM Plus Ltd
Presentation Title: Get to know Power Apps Solution Checker

Joe Griffin

Title & Company: SOLO Cloud Solutions
Presentation Title: Racing Forward with Environment Variables in Power Apps & Power Automate

Feridun Kadir

Title & Company: Principal Consultant, MVP, Expert CRM Services Ltd
Bio: I work as a freelance consultant specializing in Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM and am available for hire on an ad-hoc basis for projects of long or short duration. I've worked with Microsoft Dynamics CRM since version 1.2 (2004). For my community contributions for Microsoft Dynamics CRM I was awarded MVP status in 2010 and each year to 2017.  I'm also ...
Presentation Title: Changes to Create PDF and Export to PDF