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  • 1.  SLAs - Resolve By

    Posted May 31, 2022 07:28 AM
    Hi All,

    Can you configure an SLA for a known **future** Target Date / Resolve By date?

    In all the examples I've found online, a case's Resolve By SLA KPI is set up to be 'Applicable From' Created On date. Then Warn After and Fail After are durations **from** that point, which then auto factor in non-working days/hours to set actual Warning Time / Failure Time on the related SLA KPI instance.

    Here's the scenario I want to implement:

    1. 1st June - case is created, with a known Target Date / Resolve By date: 6th June. 
    2. I want a Business Hours-aware countdown to that known endpoint. Therefore, if I have a mon-fri Customer Service Schedule set up, the countdown should auto-magically convert 5 actual days from Created On to my Resolve By date to 3 working days. And if I also have a holiday schedule set up - which records the 2nd and 3rd as public holidays - the countdown should report 1 working day.

    How can I achieve this? Is it even possible?

    I hope someone can help??

    Thank you,


    Tamim Sadikali

  • 2.  RE: SLAs - Resolve By

    Posted May 31, 2022 09:12 AM
    ...thinking a bit more about this, I now feel that SLA is the wrong capability for my requirement. I.e., SLAs are used to **calculate** an end point - Failure Time - based on three inputs: 1. a Start Time, 2. a Duration, and 3. a Customer Service Schedule.

    In my scenario, I know that Failure Time at the beginning. What I now think I need therefore, is a timer - i.e. to countdown to that point, **but in a Service Schedule-aware way.**

    So - is it possible to configure the Timer control to be Customer Service Schedule-aware?

    Tamim Sadikali

  • 3.  RE: SLAs - Resolve By

    Posted Jun 30, 2022 03:57 AM

    Take a look here - can create custom KPI that is Service Schedule aware - example shows a Decision Date. Was going to suggest Calculated fields and DiffInDays function but unfortunately not Schedule Aware - hope there is something in the article that helps.

    Insider's Guide to Managing Service Level Agreements with Dynamics CRM 2015 | Microsoft Docs

    Andrew Perkin
    Stonekeep Solutions Ltd