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  • Hello CRM People, I do have a requirement that suppose there is a simple web page which has several fields just like Name, Contact No, Email Address, etc. & There is one submit button is available on that form when user clicks on that button after adding ...

  • Hi, we are planning to participate with 2 persons from SAG Services. New in the group and first time at a Summit. Lookin forward to meet you, ------------------------------ Vladimir Sokol Project Manager, Leader Project Management SAG Services AG Dietlikon ...

  • Hi Pirmin, Only arriving on the last flight in on Wednesday night. See you on Thursday. Best, Léon ------------------------------ Leonardus Smits SIGVARIS Winterthur ------------------------------

  • Hirop anyone from the swiss community in Amsterdam? Want to catch up for a beer or so on Wed  after 7:30 pm?  (all informal l, just spontaneous)  Drop me a message here. (German / English / French) Regards Pirmin ------------------------------ Pirmin ...

  • Hi just a reminder for all / hallo kleine Erinnerung ! Chaptermeeting On March 7th 2019 !! See you there  Pirmin ------------------------------ Pirmin Bercher Head of Business - IT Alignment CARBOGEN AMCIS Aarau ------------------------------

  • Hello / Hallo our next chapter meeting will be on Mar. 7th 2019 5pm-7pm at digicomp Zürich unser nächstes chapter meeting wird am 7. März 17:00-19:00 bei digicomp stattfinden please register / but as always free ! bitte registrieren / aber wie immer ...

  • Hi Pirmin, Please let me know when the date is finalized. Yes, I know the format. I would though like to point out that there are several topics mentioned. We can of course share general impressions but maybe we should have more focus, or address (in ...

  • Hi Leon, would be highly appreciated to hear your experiences one year later ! As you know the format ~ 30 mins or so. Date should be Feb. 28th, not yet 100 % fixed Thanks for offering! Regards Pirmin ------------------------------ Pirmin Bercher ...

  • Welcome!

    Collaborate with user group participants in Switzerland! Network with others in your area, plan local meetings, share meeting presentations, notes and files, and discuss topics relevant to your local community.  

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    Local Leaders:
    @Pirmin Bercher
     Head of Business-IT Alignment  CARBOGEN AMCIS
    @Stefano Tempesta VP of Engineering, EF Education First
    @Christoph Mäder​ Senior Dynamics CRM Expert / Technical Consultant, isolutions AG

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