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  • To repair Corrupt SQL Server Database using professional SQL Recovery software. Step 1 – Attempt Repair with SQL Server Management Studio (Optional) Step 2 – Choose a Good Database Repair Tool for SQL SErver (Recommended) Step 3 – Download ...

  • I had same issue - try using the direct URL to the app home page - have had app appear after using that link on two occasions - but triple check, groups, permissions etc by using the app access checker tool. ------------------------------ Andrew ...

  • Take a look here - can create custom KPI that is Service Schedule aware - example shows a Decision Date. Was going to suggest Calculated fields and DiffInDays function but unfortunately not Schedule Aware - hope there is something in the article that ...

  • ...thinking a bit more about this, I now feel that SLA is the wrong capability for my requirement. I.e., SLAs are used to **calculate** an end point - Failure Time - based on three inputs: 1. a Start Time, 2. a Duration, and 3. a Customer Service Schedule. ...

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    SLAs - Resolve By

    Hi All, Can you configure an SLA for a known **future** Target Date / Resolve By date? In all the examples I've found online, a case's Resolve By SLA KPI is set up to be 'Applicable From' Created On date. Then Warn After and Fail After are durations ...

  • Hi, So I'm looking to do some work with the Sales Accelerator, it is installed in my sandbox, I'm a sys Admin and I can access the Sales HUB app fine yet when I select the "Sales Accelerator Setup" option from the "Sales Insights Settings" page of the ...

  • Looks like a missing EntityPermission. Create an entity permission on the "sharepointdocumentlocation" entity, with scope = Contact and select the relationship between contact and sharepointdoclocation. Mike

  • Hi All, Thank you all for your feedback. I will give the Excel method a try as my PowerAutomate skills are not that great. Regards. ------------------------------ Deepak ------------------------------

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