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  • https://community.dynamics.com/ax/f/33/t/180761​ ------------------------------ Amer MS ------------------------------

  • Hello CRM People, I do have a requirement that suppose there is a simple web page which has several fields just like Name, Contact No, Email Address, etc. & There is one submit button is available on that form when user clicks on that button after adding ...

  • Dear  Musab Omariyeh Great , Hope you have finalised the data migration part if not done we can help,you here ------------------------------ Sheikh Mydheen D365 Practice Lead EVRY Business Solutions Oy Vantaa ------------------------------

  • Hi All, While Creating And updating direct delivery order getting error please help on this An error occurred during update Posting Purchase order: 00000151 Company: Contoso Entertainment System USA Posting Posting Sales order: 000835 Item: 1000 Account ...

  • Hi Musab You are welcome to reach out to me at sbd@techdio.dk - we have tool that can perhaps help. /Sarkis ------------------------------ Sarkis Derbedrossian sbd@techdio.dk Techdio A/S Copenhagen - Denmark ------------------------------

  • Dears; we are currently working on D365 implementation for the whole Group (more than 15 branches). I am responsible on the Data migration part of the project, we have some branches ( 4), that use Dynamics 2012 R3 to run part of their operations (mainly ...

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  • There is still time to register and invite your colleagues to the exciting kick-off to the D365 User Group - Dubai Dynamics 365 Day !    In addition to this event for 12 November, don't miss the  Power Platform Hackathon &  Dubai Power Platform Day ...

  • As you prepare to attend the D365 Business Applications Day events, please use this community to ask questions, connect with fellow attendees and stay up-to-date with details related to the Power Platform & Dynamics 365 Joint Hackathon , Dubai Dynamics ...

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