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  • What is your landing page? a custom web application or you are free for any suggestion? If you are free for any suggestion, you can use the Dynamics 365 Portal to directly create Lead when someone submits the web form. And internally you can create ...

  • Hello CRM People, I do have a requirement that suppose there is a simple web page which has several fields just like Name, Contact No, Email Address, etc. & There is one submit button is available on that form when user clicks on that button after adding ...

  • Welcome to the D365UG Melbourne Chapter, we're so glad you could join us. Look out for announcements from your 2019 committee members soon! ------------------------------ Andrew Ly D365UG Australia - National Co-Chairperson ------------------------ ...

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  • Welcome!

    Melbourne Microsoft Dynamics 365 User Group aims to exchange ideas and listen to presentations by local and international industry experts. Topics focus on Microsoft Dynamics 365 business, technical and end user. We also love discussing the latest industry news and exciting new trends. So please feel free to attend and share your experience with Dynamics 365...

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    • No solicitation of members for work
    • No recruiters

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    Local Community Leader:
    @Daniel Hesketh 

    Local Committee Members:
    @Elaiza Benitez - Membership Facilitator
    @Andre Margono - J1T Facilitator
    @Jinal Makwana - Main Show Facilitator
    @Justin Marshall - Event Host
    @Nadeeja Bomiriya - ISV Facilitator
    @Nilhan Uduwarage - Presentation Coordinator
    @Sahan Wijayasekera - Photo / Video Facilitator
    @Scott Meddings - Microsoft Representative​​​

    National Community Leaders:
    @Andrew Ly @Mark Smith

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