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    Posted Mar 22, 2021 11:16 AM
    Edited by Arvic Canaria Mar 22, 2021 11:18 AM
    I am building an App via PowerApps where a User can look up a Contact from the Dataverse, open the Contact, edit it, or create a new Contact. Usually within a Contact, there is an Account field to represent "This person is a part of this company". My question is related to 2 parts:

    1. I built the App so that from the BrowseGallery, the User can open the Form (in View mode) and see the details of the Contact. However, I seem to not be able to display the Account the Contact is associated to. How can this be achieved? Whenever I attempt to add the Account field, it displays as a Custom Data Card and I am not sure how to display the associated Account record.

    2. I built the App so that the User, if they cannot find the Contact they are looking for, they have the option to create a new Contact. Clicking the 'plus' icon directs the User to a new Form (in Edit mode) and they can see the fields that they need to complete. How can I add the Account field so that the Contact that is being created, can be associated to correct existing Account record?

    I tried to look up videos and articles but wasn't able to have these answered.

    Any thoughts on this would be helpful.


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