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Sales Accelerator - unable to configure

  • 1.  Sales Accelerator - unable to configure

    Posted May 17, 2022 09:21 AM


    So I'm looking to do some work with the Sales Accelerator, it is installed in my sandbox, I'm a sys Admin and I can access the Sales HUB app fine yet when I select the "Sales Accelerator Setup" option from the "Sales Insights Settings" page of the Sales Hub it navigates to the Workspace page and all I get is the spinning "Loading" page!?

    No errors if I open the chrome dev tools and I can access the other setting pages such as Sequences, segments etc but then they all require me to have already have configured a Workspace first, any ideas!?

    I've tried both chrome, Edge and IE, same thing.

    I have an outstanding ticket with MS as this appears to be happening in all my environments but they're not really being any help so far after 3 days!



    Michael Wink
    Willis Towers Watson