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  • 1.  Activity Pointer Base - Bespoke solt

    Posted May 05, 2021 06:39 PM

    Hi Everyone,

    First post here, but I've been lurking for a while.

    I need some guidance on what other organizations have done to remediate their Activity Pointer Base tables.

    I've spoken with Microsoft and their advice was to delete emails or purchase more storage capacity.
    I've implemented the suggestions from here;

    My organization has a data retention policy in place where we need to store emails for 7 years. However we don't have the storage capacity within D365 to adhere to this policy. Attachments are already extracted and saved to Azure Blob.

    I was wondering if any bespoke solutions have been created that allow archiving of activities (removing their consumption from D365) yet still allowing end-users to access them from within the interface?

    My fallback solution is to export the email records (with case identifier) to excel and store in a SharePoint for users to search through, should they need to reference an aged case (>1yr old).



    Aaron Telford
    Linfox Australia

  • 2.  RE: Activity Pointer Base - Bespoke solt

    Posted May 06, 2021 02:31 AM
    Hi Aaron

    I understand the problem you are facing. As a university we are governed by legislation which requires us to retain records for varying periods of time (up to 50 years in some cases). Due to the complexity of compliance we have made it it clear to business users that the CRM is an operational system and any records that need to be retained beyond their operational purpose approx 3 years should be stored in a record keeping system. We have built automatic processes that export certain records to our record keeping system. This is the system the auditors look at for compliance. Records in this system cannot be altered and are generally stored as PDFs. Retention periods can be set according to record type. One of the systems we use is called Micro Focus Content Manager.

    This might be more complex than your needs but I suppose if nothing else you are not alone with this problem.

    Mark Westerman
    Charles Sturt University

  • 3.  RE: Activity Pointer Base - Bespoke solt

    Posted May 07, 2021 01:54 PM
    Hi Aaron,

    As Mark said you are not alone with this problem.

    As per the new capacity pricing model,
    1. Activity pointers comes under - Data (which you want to retain as per your company policy)
    2. Attachments of the email comes under - File storage(which you already implemented "Attachment Management" solution to move files to "Azure Blob"
    Note: Attachment management solution is deprecated and from July all the attachment will be stored with in Datawerse and storage will be consider in File space. So no more Azure blob storing. All the email attachments, new file field and notes comes under this.

    Regarding cheap data storage you can implement SQL DB to store the activity table content and can display the activities back by implementing Virtual entities timeline in the D365 form with help of Azure functions.

    Hope this helps a bit in your searching for best solution

    Ramesh Nagapuri
    Heart Foundation

  • 4.  RE: Activity Pointer Base - Bespoke solt

    Posted May 06, 2021 02:59 AM
    You should be using Exchange to store your emails for 7 years, not Dynamics. Exchange has good DRP features to support you, and it is not too expensive.

    Alex Nosiara
    Total CRM