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Data migration strategy

  • 1.  Data migration strategy

    Posted Dec 19, 2018 03:46 AM
    we are currently working on D365 implementation for the whole Group (more than 15 branches).
    I am responsible on the Data migration part of the project,
    we have some branches ( 4), that use Dynamics 2012 R3 to run part of their operations (mainly HR and each branch of the four has a separate implementation, they are not combined in one instance), we use custom in house built system to run the other operations in these 4 modules + in other branches.

    the target is to have one single D365 implementation(on premise) that runs all operations in all branches.
    I want to know what is the best approach to target the data migration, knowing that the sources of Data are 4 AX 2012 R3 instances + in house built system and the target is to consolidate all the data for all branches in one single instance.

    I checked the data entities in D365 and their capabilities to do the data migration. Is this option the only option or there are more effective and better tools

    Musab Omariyeh
    dar al handasah shair and partners

  • 2.  RE: Data migration strategy

    Posted Jan 11, 2019 09:37 AM
    Hi Musab

    You are welcome to reach out to me at sbd@techdio.dk - we have tool that can perhaps help.


    Sarkis Derbedrossian
    Techdio A/S
    Copenhagen - Denmark

  • 3.  RE: Data migration strategy

    Posted Mar 10, 2019 06:16 PM
    Dear  Musab Omariyeh

    Great , Hope you have finalised the data migration part if not done we can help,you here

    Sheikh Mydheen
    D365 Practice Lead
    EVRY Business Solutions Oy