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Thoughts on new Dynamics Portal Pricing

  • 1.  Thoughts on new Dynamics Portal Pricing

    Posted Aug 29, 2019 03:58 AM

    25th of July Microsoft announced some changes to Portals and Flow Plans

    I was wondering if there were any users in the UG who are facing issues with the new Portals pricing and if so how they are looking to work around them? Our organisation has about 110k volunteers, A significant number of which actively login to our web platform ADX (Microsoft Dynamics predeccessor) to manage half a million young members details.

    We've spent a year and a half working on a project to move to Dynamics Portals, but now even with non profit pricing we'd be paying nearly a million dollars a year for what we do now with a significantly smaller budget. We also had plans to open up access to all parents of young members (half a million, with an expected uptake of around 60%) . Unfortunately the new plans appear to punish growth (unless there is a direct equation for your business between more logins and more money).

    At this stage we have not released our Portals project (it was about ready but we had to be put on hold due to this) to wait to see whether Microsoft are going to realise this is a really bad idea or if they continue to pursue it. 

    Currently the only viable alternative we can see is to move to the open source platform hosted on Azure.

    I'm curious, has anyone else experienced this issue? If so have you found any other web platforms that connect well with Microsodt Dynamics or have they been offered any sort of flat fee alternative?

    Tom Winton