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Count In. Count On. Just One More!

  • 1.  Count In. Count On. Just One More!

    Posted Jul 19, 2016 05:14 PM

    Remember this thread?

    Congratulations OC Chapter for having the second highest percentage of active users going to Summit 2016!!!

    Here is the data (Top 5) and the pretty graph they posted to the Leadership Team just today:



    As you can see, the other chapters are nipping at our heels...if each chapter added Just One More person to Summit, we'd be bumped out of the top 5 and into number 6...sad face.

    Let's not let that happen.  There is too much cool stuff happening at Summit for you to miss out.  You be the one we add this week!  You be the one to make a difference!

    Are you walking the fence?  Let me know.  Dead-set against Tampa in October?  Let me know (I was, too).  Excited to go, but something holding you back?  Let me know.  We'll find a way to make things happen.  It's what we do.


    Ed Gonzales
    E-Commerce Manager
    Hampton Products International
    Foothill Ranch CA