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AppSource: Organization Insights from Microsoft (Not Dashboard)

  • 1.  AppSource: Organization Insights from Microsoft (Not Dashboard)

    Posted Dec 05, 2017 04:01 PM
    We discussed this in the recent chapter meeting, here's a excerpt from an article posted in Dynamics CRM Tip of the Day:

    An AppSource which is invaluable for any Dynamics instance is Organization Insights from Microsoft. This is not to be confused with the Organization Insights dashboard which comes standard with Dynamics 365 but rather a much more comprehensive set of administration tools available from the Settings area.

    The dashboards cover:

    • User management
    • System Job management
    • Plug-In management
    • API call management
    • Mailbox management
    • Storage management

    If you are managing a Dynamics 365 instance and are wondering where your storage is going, why the system is slowing down, or who is and who is not using the system, the Organization Insights App is for you.

    Reference source:

    Eugene Hoang
    Kavo Kerr Group
    Santa Ana, CA