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Focus your focus on Focus.

  • 1.  Focus your focus on Focus.

    Posted Mar 22, 2017 06:34 PM
    Team (Stolen from D365 SIG),
    One of the most common bits of feedback from Summit has always been the need for a 'deeper dive' into some of the subjects covered.  CRM/D365FS has so many facets that it really is difficult to cover any piece thoroughly in just 30 or 60 minutes.

    That's where Focus comes in.  More in-depth sessions intended to take your training to the 'next level'.

    But wait, there's more - 
    In addition to some solid sessions, there will be loads of smart people walking around (including you!) eager to network and help with your CRM woes.  I've found some wonderful connections at these events, and have picked up some great tips and fantastic stories, as well.

    With technical and thought leadership facets to each track, you can learn how to integrate JavaScript, build out your customization tool box, use PowerBI and Fetch XML/SSRS, and even improve user adoption.

    Squirrel eating a doughnut?  Focus!  

    For the tl;dr crowd, here are the useful links -

    Focus Home Page

    For those with some "extra" time while in St. Louis, here are some of my favorites -

    The Shaved Duck - Excellent BBQ and music.  Great place to hang out and chat with old friends or make some new ones.
    Blood and Sand - Gourmet meals and signature cocktails.  Private club, but send them something before you get into town and they will happily accommodate.  Almost hidden with a bit of a speakeasy vibe.
    St. Louis Zoo - Free! (to make up for Blood and Sand) 

    Hope to see you there!

    Ed Gonzales
    E-Commerce Manager
    Hampton Products International
    Foothill Ranch CA