Workflows & Approval Pocesses Within Dynamics AX

By Rich Beliveau posted Apr 28, 2015 02:41 PM


Check out what Murray Fife is preparing for his AXUG Academy students on May 8th.

Academy - AX Configuration Series – Financial Approvals & Workflows

Workflows and approval processes within Dynamics AX must be one of the most underused, and also most useful features of the application, and that may be because everyone thinks that they are complicated to set up and require a developer in order to get them working.  And that’s a shame, because nothing could be further from the truth.


The built in approval processes within Dynamics AX can be set up and running within a few minutes to control simple transactions, and workflows only take a fraction longer to configure and then allow you to convert all of your archaic paper and informal business approval processes into a streamlined and controlled business process that you can track, audit, and report off.


In the training we will walk through a number of different workflow and approval scenarios for you that you can probably use right now within your financial department, and also show you some of the features of the workflow engine that is delivered with Dynamics AX that you can use to create your own workflows from.


The 4 hour class will be broken up into five labs and here is a quick run-down on what you will learn.


LAB 1 - CONFIGURING JOURNAL ACCESS AND APPROVAL: For simple approval processes and access restrictions, you don’t even have to create any workflows, because Dynamics AX has an in-built functions that allows you to configure user groups, and then use them to assign approval rights, and also to restrict access to journals.  Since almost everything is a Journal within Dynamics AX, then this is a simple way to add security and management to the system without having to get your security administrator involved.  Topics Covered Include:


·         Configuring Journal Approval User Groups

·         Configuring Journal Approval

·         Approving Journals

·         Configuring Journal Access User Groups

·         Configuring Journal Access By User Groups



LAB 2 - CONFIGURING JOURNAL WORKFLOW APPROVALS:  If you want to take your Journal approvals to the next level, then you can add additional control and auditing by implementing workflows that will control the processing or the Journals.  Workflows are not hard to implement, and also don’t require a developer to be involved in order to get them up and running which is the ideal solution for a lean organization.  Topics Covered Include:


·         Creating A Journal Workflow

·         Assign A User To An Approval Task

·         Configuring Journal Approval Task Instructions

·         Defining Submission Instructions For The Workflow

·         Publishing And Activating Your Journal Workflow

·         Configuring Journals To Use Approval Workflows

·         Starting The Workflow Processor

·         Submitting Journals For Workflow Approval

·         Approving Workflow Tasks

·         Posting Journals After Approval


LAB 3 - CONFIGURING PAYABLES INVOICE JOURNAL APPROVALS:  Payables is one of the most common areas within Finance that people want to add workflows and a great place to start within this module is to configure workflow approvals around the Payables Invoice Journals so that you can make sure that only the invoices that you want to pay get paid. Topics Covered Include:


·         Creating An Invoice Journal Workflow

·         Defining Invoice Journal Approval Workflow Submission Instructions

·         Assigning Multiple People To The Journal Approval Workflow Task

·         Defining The Journal Approval Workflow Task Instructions With Context Links

·         Publishing And Activating The Journal Approval Workflow

·         Assign The Invoice Journal Workflow To The Invoice Journal

·         Submitting AP Invoice Journals For Workflow Approval

·         Accessing Workflow Tasks Through The Work Item Notifications

·         Accessing Workflow Tasks Through The Work Item List

·         Viewing Workflow Status And History

·         Approving Workflow Tasks Through The Work Item List

·         Posting AP Invoice Journals After Workflow Approvals Have Been Completed

·         Adding Status Notifications To Workflows

·         Publishing A New Version Of The AP Invoice Journal Approval Workflow

·         Receiving Workflow Status Update Notifications

·         Viewing Workflow Versions

·         Viewing All Workflow Statuses


LAB 4 - CONFIGURING PAYABLES INVOICE APPROVALS:  The workflows that you can create are not restricted to just Journals.  A lot of the other main financials documents like the Payables Invoice can also be managed through workflows, and also include a lot of extra workflow elements that you can take advantage of including automatic posting when the workflows are completed.

Also, the Payables Invoice workflow is a little different from the Journal workflows that we have shown so far in that you just have to set one up and set it as the default workflow and then it will be used.  The is no requirement to attach the workflow to any transaction or record after it has been designed.  Topics Covered Include:


·         Creating A Payables Invoice Approval Workflow

·         Configuring The Payables Invoice Approval Task

·         Publishing And Activating The Payables Journal Approval Workflow

·         Changing The Default Payables Journal Workflow

·         Submitting Payables Journals For Workflow Approval

·         Requesting Changes To Payables Journals Through Workflows

·         Adding Conditional Review Steps To The Payables Journal Approval Workflow

·         Assigning Reviewers To The Payables Journal Conditional Review Task By Role

·         Configuring Payables Invoice Review Instructions

·         Performing Conditional Reviews On Payables Invoices Through Workflow

·         Automatically Posting Approved Payables Invoices


LAB 5 - CONFIGURING AP INVOICE DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT WORKFLOWS:  Another area that you may want to add workflow automation into Dynamics AX is through the Document Management area.  Dynamics AX allows you to attach workflows to Unattached Documents which makes it even more useful because you can set up workflows to manage the scanned in documents such as Payables Invoices and then have those documents trigger the creation and processing of the actual invoice record within Dynamics AX. Topics Covered Include:


·         Creating A New AP Invoice Document Type

·         Creating A Invoice Processing Work Item Queue

·         Creating An AP Invoice Document Management Workflow

·         Configuring Conditional Activation Rules For The Document Management Workflow

·         Configuring Document Approval Task

·         Publishing And Activating The AP Invoice Document Approval Workflow

·         Viewing Unattached Documents

·         Creating a Filtered Cue For The Documents To Process

·         Submitting Unprocessed AP Invoice Documents For Processing

·         Creating A Cue For Documents In Process

·         Processing Documents And Attaching To Records

·         Completing The AP Invoice Processing Workflow Task

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Jun 22, 2015 01:52 PM

Sorry I missed this, and Murray's other Configuration Series training. Is there any chance it is available as an archived session? Or he will be repeating them ? Thanks.