Master the Art of Dynamics CRM Administration

By Rich Beliveau posted Sep 21, 2016 04:15 PM


Academy – Administrator Black Belt Training Series On Demand

 The scope and complexity of today’s CRM administrator roles continue to grow and evolve.  CRM teams need to gain and maintain proficiency with their CRM system.  The CRMUG Administrator Black Belt Training Series offers members the ability to learn from Dynamics CRM experts and gain industry best practices.  This CRMUG Academy series can enhance professional development and improve your organization’s efficiency and effectiveness. 

The CRMUG® Academy Administrator Black Belt Training Series is a structured, four-class online series for Microsoft Dynamics CRM administrators, super users, and department heads. The series is designed to help you master the art of administrating, configuring, and adapting Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015, both online and on premises.

This on demand series enables students to the complete class content online, anytime, anywhere, and at your own pace.  This class format includes high quality videos streamed directly to your device, instructions for online labs, and additional helpful resources.  Students will progress through a series of modules responding to questions along the way.  At the completion of the modules detailed instructions on setting up and completing lab assignments is provided.  The successful completion of the lab will provide you with the correct answers to your Blue, Purple, Brown, or Black Belt Exams.

 #1 Blue Belt Beginner Topics Include
  • Basic Administration that includes things like Business Units, Security Roles, Access Teams, and much more
  • Basic Configuration that includes Forms, Views, and a lab assignment
  • Other Administrative Functions like Calculated and Roll Up Fields, Outlook Client, and Field Level Security

 #2 Purple Belt Intermediate Topics Include

  • Advanced Form Configuration
  • Custom Entities
  • Finding Data in CRM
  • Reports, Charts and Dashboards
  • Business Rules and Business Process Flows

 #3 Brown Belt Advanced Topics Include

  • Duplicate Detection
  • Data Import Wizard
  • Data Mapping and Excel Import/Export
  • Integration Tools
  • Power BI with CRM

  #4 Black Belt Expert Topics Include

  • Beginner & Intermediate Workflow Concepts
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • XRM Toolkit
  • Portal Concept

Visit for more information or visit for the full line up of Academy classes.  

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