Live Instructor-led Accelerated Black Belt Training Series

By Rich Beliveau posted Jun 14, 2016 04:51 PM


Live Instructor-led Accelerated Black Belt Training Series

 CRMUG Academy is excited to announce a new live virtual learning opportunity for CRMUG members and subscribers.   This live, instructor-led Accelerated Black Belt Training Series will be here in July and Aug of 2016.  Recently the Black Belt Training Series has only available online as an On Demand offering.  This summer we will enable users to enjoy the benefits of live instructor-led virtual classrooms and the ability to leverage online content available 24x7, from anywhere, and on any device. 

This new hybrid approach of live virtual classroom and online, on demand materials allows users to learn best practices from industry experts in a timely and efficient manner. 

The CRMUG® Accelerated Black Belt Training Series is a structured, four-course series for Microsoft Dynamics CRM administrators and super users. The series is designed to help you master the art of administrating, configuring, and adapting Microsoft Dynamics CRM.


At a glance, here’s how it works:

  • Start with the Blue Belt course, and build your skills as you work your way through the Purple Belt, Brown Belt, and finally to the Black Belt course
  • Each course contains online materials, videos, and labs that students can access 24X7 for 30 days following the live event
  • Each student must successfully complete the online knowledge checks and online labs to proceed to the next belt. 
  • The belt progression goes Blue, Purple, Brown, and finally Black

Visit to see the complete schedule of CRMUG Administrator Black Belt Training Series courses, along with pricing and registration information.

Mastering Microsoft Dynamics CRM is easier faster than you think with Accelerated Black Belt Training Series from CRMUG Academy. Enroll today!




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