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2018 D365UG/AXUG Awards Given at Summit Phoenix

By Laura Gariano posted Nov 16, 2018 04:49 PM


Every year, thousands of conversations take place in the D365UG/AXUG online communities, at chapter meetings, in virtual programming and at D365UG/AXUG conferences and events. We are honored to recognize your D365UG/AXUG community leaders who go above and beyond to share their knowledge and experiences to serve their Dynamics 365/AX peers. The following annual volunteer recognition awards were announced and presented to deserving recipients at D365UG/AXUG Summit Phoenix:

D365UG/AXUG All Star Awards

The highest award given in your D365UG/AXUG community, the All Star Award recognizes D365UG/AXUG members who have a passion for Dynamics 365/Dynamics AX and have made significant contributions of their time and expertise to the D365UG/AXUG community. All-Stars are nominated and voted on by the community and provide a lifetime All-Star designation to award recipients!

Congratulations to your newest D365UG/AXUG All-Stars:




Sally Prinsen, Landscape Structures

Thomas Noorkah,
City of Columbus

Jimmy Stewart,


Chapter of the Year Awards

The Chapter of the Year award recognizes a successful local D365UG/AXUG chapter and is based on the size of the Chapter, meeting attendance, and the involvement of the Chapter Leaders to drive content, promotion and engagement.

Congratulations to the 2018 D365UG/AXUG Chapter of the Year:


D365UG/AXUG Kentucky (Lexington/Louisville)

Leaders: Kelly Kane, Connie Thompson & Lenora Gusler

Gemstone Awards

Volunteers play a vital role in building a strong and valuable D365UG/AXUG community. At D365UG/AXUG Summit Phoenix, we were honored to recognize our outstanding community members for their contributions to the user group. D365UG/AXUG User Members are recognized at three award levels; Sapphire, Ruby and Emerald, and D365UG/AXUG Partner Members are recognized at one award level; Granite.

Congratulations to the 2018 D365UG/AXUG Gemstone Award recipients:


Alison Wright

Allen Rupp

Brent Hester

Brian Millsap

Christian Fordham

Chuck Moore

Helen Fay

Jason Thorpe

Jerry Kottelenberg

Jody Cronk

Joe Wiley

Kaare Boraas

Kevin Rettig

Mike Burt

Neal Folgers

Pat Ryan

Pauletta Kluth

Robin Finnell

Sally Prinsen

Sarah Farmer

Sarah Patthoff

Sven Haynes

Tim Arthur

TJ Dennis

Tom Noorkah



Angel Lara

Connie Thompson

Corey Vantilborg

David Coombs

Jennifer Salinas

Jessica Murphy

Lenora Gusler

Lori Holmes

Martin Drude

Michele Foster

Paul Davis

Pirmin Bercher

Thomas Bonde Ejby

Thomas Farmer

Thomas Noonan

Tom Dockstader

Zvika Rimalt



Bobby Small

Dawn Johnson

GG Rowe, PMP

Grant Wilson

Jimmy Stewart

Kelly Kane

Lindsay Garcia

Paul Martin



Andrew Lencsak

Don Riggs

Ludwig Reinhard

Rachel Profitt

Shaun McMikle



A sincere thank you to all D365UG/AXUG volunteer leaders who dedicate countless hours around the world to help drive a strong D365UG/AXUG community powered by users, for users. You are at the heart of what the User Group is all about, and you are greatly appreciated! Congratulations to this year’s recognition award recipients!

To get involved in the D365UG/AXUG Community and learn more about the volunteer recognition awards, visit www.AXUG.com/engage/volunteer