Your Weekly CRMUG Roundup: You Heard it Here First!

By Laura Gariano posted Aug 23, 2015 03:54 PM


This week, 's jump right in with a round-up of CRMUG programming news and highlights, including some exclusive heard it here first!

Dive In: Upcoming CRMUG Virtual Events

(Click webinar titles to register! Asterisk * denotes event is open to CRMUG Members & Subscribers)

We have lots of great content coming to you via CRMUG webinars in the upcoming days and weeks. Let's take a moment to dive in deeper to those that are coming up in the next few days. There's lots more for you to see on the CRMUG virtual event website; be sure to also let us know what you're looking to learn or share!

 How Dynamics Marketing can replace Sharepoint for Digital Asset Management (Aug. 25)

In this CRMUG End User & Marketing Special Interest Group (SIG) webinar, Margaret Wise will provide an overview of how Dynamics Marketing can transform the way your marketing team collaborates on creative content. Learn how you can manage marketing, compliance and all types of communication content in your team. See how you can collaborate with contributors both inside and outside your company and leverage audit and approval process to ensure the right messages are being leveraged across the company.

Your CRM Online Chat: What are you Expecting from Dynamics CRM Online (Aug. 26) *

Join this roundtable discussion with Dynamics CRM Online experts and other end-users to discuss all things needed to ensure your Dynamics CRM Online experience starts fast and even exceeds your expectations. CRM Online topics up for Q&A discussion may include, but are not limited to: deciding to buy; getting buy-in; training & adoption; CRM Offline use; increasing performance; administration; O365 integration; reporting; extending; and more. Don't miss this engaging roundtable panel for expert perspectives and discussion on successes, challenges, and best practices to help you on your way to Dynamics CRM Online success.

Best Practices in Using Custom Workflows for Streamlined Flexibility (Aug. 26)

In this session, CRMUG Member Glen Wolinsky will showcase some of the CRM 2015 workflow implementations being developed at Miller & Martin PLLC to simulate "Form Tasks" in CRM Workflow. Glen will also demonstrate a method for distributing items for Users’ approval and additional data input before the workflow continues. Join us for this great presentation and demo on ways to use custom workflows to streamline your business processes and gather data from multiple Users at the same time! This webinar is presented as part of the CRMUG Developer, Admin/IT Support, and Professional Services Special Interest Group.

8 Best Practices for Your Dynamics CRM User Interface (Sept. 1)

CRMUG Subject Matter Expert Kylie Keyzer presents this webinar for CRM Administrators and IT Support, with Technical/Developers also invited to attend. Using smart design strategies in your Dynamics CRM User Interface will greatly improve your users' experience, usability, and adoption of your CRM environment. In this session, we will cover eight User Interface best practices

  1. Design for primary users
  2. Default views and search results views
  3. Customizing the site map
  4. Designing custom icons
  5. Command bar editing
  6. Form layout options and which layouts work best for different kinds of data
  7. Using different forms for different users
  8. Custom code – use of custom iFrames to improve user experience where really necessary

Applicable versions: CRM 2011 & 2013 (on-premises & online)

Get2Know CRM 2015: Customer Service Best Practices - Case Creation & Routing* (Sept. 3)

In her second CRMUG Get2Know CRM 2015 series session focusing on Customer Service Best Practices, expert Sarah Jelinek covers powerful Customer Service case creation and routing functionality offered in Dynamics CRM 2015, with some of the features having been first introduced in CRM 2013. Learn how to automatically create a case from an email and how to use routing rules to automatically route cases to the appropriate team members. Get the best practices you need to set up and apply case creation and routing rules in order to effectively and efficiently manage your Customer Service.

We have two more sessions remaining in our Take TEN@Ten Excel Series to provide expertise in Microsoft Excel in 10 minutes:

CRMUG Summit News

CRMUG Summit 2015 will provide you with the opportunity to supercharge your Microsoft Dynamics CRM knowledge and skills by equipping you with the tools necessary to achieve success. With 150+ sessions focusing on users and your roles, you're bound to learn new techniques, proven to make the trip worth your investment. Here is the low-down on what's happening with CRMUG Summit this week:

Making Fear Disappear at CRMUG Summit

We're pleased to announce the keynote speaker for Summit 2015: George Kourounis. Mr. Kourounis will be joining us Wednesday morning in Reno during the Opening Keynote Session. Kourounis is a storm-chaser and the host of Angry Planet, his own adventure TV program which has been broadcast in over 100 countries. Some consider Kourounis to be fearless, but nothing could be further from the truth. It takes a certain kind of person to drive into the eye of a hurricane, for example; Kourounis has had lots of adrenaline-inducing adventures, but not without fear. By understanding why we are afraid to do something and by analyzing the possible outcomes, Kourounis shows that fear is not only something that can be managed & controlled, it is a vital element to accomplishing anything worthwhile. Whether in business, personal challenges, or extreme exploration, fear is what gives us an edge. Kourounis will teach your team how to harness their fear, and use it to their advantage.

NEW! Role-Based Sessions

CRMUG Summit focuses on the development of Dynamics CRM Users across roles, industries, and specialty topics. Each role including End User, Marketing, Administrator, Developer, and more, features a detailed learning track to ensure the most relevant and timely training available. If you're considering CRMUG Summit, check out the Role-Based Sessions page to explore your role's focus and special attractions offered at this year's event.

MSDynamicsWorld article: CRMUG Summit - End User Needs Drive Event Planning

In its recent article and interview with CRMUG Program Director Tony Stein, writes, "The point of the CRMUG Summit... 'Is that it simply helps people maximize the value of CRM.'" Be sure to check out this great article to get a unique, first-hand perspective on what to expect from CRMUG Summit this year, including what you didn't find at Convergence, new features this year, exciting news, and more!

New On-Demand Webinars

Did you know that CRMUG has over 350 on-demand webinars for you to soak in Dynamics CRM education anytime, anywhere? Browse available recordings by role, industry, and specialty topic today, located in the Content Library (accessible by CRMUG Members) and Public Recordings Library (accessible by all, regardless of CRMUG Membership status).

Leadership We Love!

This week, let's take a moment to thank all who have stepped up to contribute across CRMUG -- and send our sincere thanks to our Top 10 Contributors of the Month! 

Name Company Name
Adam Vero Meteor IT Ltd
Rakesh Agarwal Management Technology Consulting LLC
Srinivas Ratnam Capital Metropolitan Transportation Authority
Kylie Kiser Edelman Financial
Phyllis Eriksen Audimation Services, Inc.
Jennifer Manteufel Navitus Health Solutions
Geoff Ables C5 Insight
Mike Hammons Infinity Info Systems
Andrew Schliewe Rockwell Automation
Brooke Browne Smartbridge

Be sure to reach out and get connected in conversation with these CRMUG contributors via the CRMUG Directory! Looking to get involved? Complete a quick volunteer profile and tell us what you're interested in sharing!

You Heard It Here First:

CRMUG is introducing a new series of webinars focusing on integration of Dynamics CRM with Microsoft Office. The OneSource Dynamic Duo Series launches in September with a session on CRM integration with OneNote by CRM MVP Steven Foster. This series of webinars will dive into how to harness powerful integration features of CRM with Power BI, Outlook, SharePoint, Excel and more. While we finalize remaining sessions in the series, we would like to hear what YOU are interested in learning and sharing related to Dynamics CRM integration with Microsoft Office. Please comment here to share what you're most interested in learning or sharing in a fall OneSource Dynamic Duo Series webinar, or email We're looking forward to getting you involved in this exciting CRMUG OneSource Dynamic Duo series!

Thanks to all who are involved in learning and sharing across CRMUG this week!

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