Your Weekly CRMUG Roundup: Not Ready for "Back to School"? 3 Ways to Heat Up Your August with CRMUG!

By Laura Gariano posted Jul 26, 2015 11:37 AM


When I left the profession of higher education administration, I thought I'd never again hear people lament, "summer is over!" when July 4th rolled around. I was just getting used to my first summer when that familiar sentiment came creeping in once the calendar turned to July. School supplies and "Back to School" promotions ran rampant, and no one seemed immune from the urgent feeling to "make the most of the little summer that's left!". 

This year, I was prepared. I wasn't going to let anyone tell me summer was ending when I'd just gotten started! In Fargo, summer doesn't really feel like it begins until July; I'm still planting things in my yard, and I've just put away my winter's finest. I'm not conceding my summer to the back-to-school mongers just yet! My strategy is to keep it real: we have a month until the kids go back to school. After school starts, September is glorious and still invites air conditioning to be turned on, which in my book classifies it as summer!

This week I invite you to join me in truly relishing the summer, not mourning the end of summer. I'm digging my toes in at the beach with in hand, days full of rewarding work and free time resplendent with fun in the sun. I am a planner, so in full disclosure I am basking in the summer sun while at the same time getting ready for fall, and I'm OK with that! So, while I'm purchasing school supplies for my son I'm also planning a working retreat at the lake to beat the summer heat. Let's dive in together to 3 Ways to Heat Up Your August with CRMUG!

1. Keep the Learning Coming

We're bringing you great content throughout the summer to help you learn and grow in your use of Dynamics CRM! Here's a list of upcoming CRMUG webinars not to be missed:

Another great way to heat up your summer: upcoming Take TEN@Ten Excel Series sessions, with powerful tips in just 10 minutes!

A cornerstone of my fall goals and professional/personal development will be the CRM Administrator Black Belt Training offered through CRMUG Academy. I'm finishing up my brown belt and planning for black belt, which I'll take on-demand when the time is right for me to learn. Want to master the art of administering, configuring, and adapting CRM? Don't delay; learn how you can join the ranks of CRMUG Black Belts today!

2. Plan Your October Trip to CRMUG Summit

We've just published our first wave of CRMUG Summit 2015 content! What better time to start planning your trip to Reno Oct. 13-16? Get yourself and team registered, start planning your trip, decide what sessions to attend, sign up for pre-conference training needed, and more! Get the inside scoop from Tony Stein's blog announcing our sessions, and check out the Summit website for info on this year's premiere learning & networking event for Dynamics CRM Users across roles, industries, and areas of interest!

3. Connect with Peers: CRMUG Chapter Meetings Going Strong

Q2 (April-June 2015) was a huge quarter for CRMUG Chapters, and meetings are scheduled throughout August and Q3. If you have yet to join your local chapter meeting, check out the great opportunity you have to connect, learn, and share with other local CRM Users! Kudos to the DC, Maryland, and Virginia chapters for showing us how to enjoy summer while learning and sharing on all things CRM! I'm looking forward to my August Dakotas chapter meeting, which will include great discussions and learning on upgrading, cloud, and business processes with CRM.

Bonus! 4. Get Involved with CRMUG

Volunteers are the lifeblood of CRMUG, and we exist because of members like you! I consider my best learning to come from connecting with other Users and Subject Matter Experts, learning from them, and sharing what I know to increase our knowledge and best use of CRM. Thank you for your involvement in CRMUG, and for paying forward your experiences with your peers! If you haven't volunteered yet, it's easy to get started: fill out your volunteer profile to get involved with CRMUG!


How are you planning to enjoy the upcoming summer weeks? I hope you'll join me in diving in to beat the heat with CRMUG this summer. Thanks for reading!


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