Best of CRMUG Summit 2015 Series

By Laura Gariano posted Jan 26, 2016 11:57 PM


We are thrilled to present a CRMUG OneSource series bringing you the best of CRMUG Summit 2015! Through your Summit session attendance, surveys, and speaker ratings, you helped us determine which sessions to feature in Encore webinars. Don't miss these top-rated sessions and speakers! The Best of series offers a great way to catch a session you missed at the conference, or share some excellent content with your colleagues who didn't attend Summit 2015 in Reno. Special thanks to our speakers for sharing their top-rated sessions virtually for all to learn and connect. We hope you enjoy this fantastic line-up! To view the entire series, check out our OneSource web page and click the Summit tag.

Going OnPremise to CRM Online (Feb 16)

In this session, look at lessons learned and best practices in moving your Dynamics CRM environment from an on-premises environment to CRM Online. Real customer examples of lessons learned may be shared in helping shape what you need to know in taking Dynamics CRM on-premises to CRM Online.

Enterprise CRM User Adoption Strategies and Pitfalls to Avoid (Feb 17)

This session will focus on User Adoption best practices for Enterprise organizations. Learn the strategies and challenges in how to get departments and Users across large organizations on the same page when using Dynamics CRM. This session will particularly address the planning, alignment, and adoption concepts for the enterprise organization.

This session will be led by Dynamics CRM MVP Rick McCutcheon. Rick has been involved with the CRM Industry for over 20 years. He has delivered his practical yet innovative messages on CRM User Adoption to thousands of business professionals ranging from the SMB Marketplace to Major International Corporations.

Session Outline:

  • Overview of User Adoption best practices for CRM planning, designing, roll-out, and training
  • Avoiding CRM project failures and pitfalls
  • How to create a CRM culture in your organization

New Web API for CRM Online Development (Feb 17)

Join this intermediate developer session to learn easier ways to create applications across different devices, languages, and platforms using a new web API that was released in Dynamics CRM Online 2015 Update 1.

The Anatomy of Effective Service Management (Feb 23)

Paging all CRM Service Residents! Join the CRM Service Doctor for this demo-oriented webinar on the anatomy of effective service management. You'll come away with best practices and a demonstration on how to guide your customer care through Dynamics CRM case management, Service Level Agreements (SLAs), and more.

Understanding Your CRM Entity Basics (Feb 24)

First and foremost, Dynamics CRM is generally understood as a database used to model and/or manage critical business data. Join this webinar to understand the uses of system, business, or custom entities. In this excellent entity foundation session, use case scenarios and best practices will be shared to help you achieve your desired results in modeling your data successfully.

Streamlined Revenue Acquisition with CRM, SharePoint, and O365 (Mar 1) – coming soon

Tata Technologies, an enterprise engineering services and product development organization, embarked on a Sales War Room transformation across the 7 Key Pillars of Sales Transformation. This CRMUG member organization has since upgraded to CRM 2015. This webinar will provide an update of the Sales Transformation while also discussing early learnings from integrating CRM, SharePoint, and Office 365 to streamline the Revenue Acquisition process. You will also learn about the important role of Analytics in the Sales Journey.

Stop, Drop and Roll out a Marketing Automation Platform (Mar 2)

With a marketing automation platform chosen, it’s important to know what you need to consider when implementing it to ensure that your marketing team is set up for success. In this webinar, learn tips on implementation that will include data integrity, managing forms, HTML template migration, and more. An example of a 90-day implementation plan will also be shown and discussed.

Extra Armor for Securing Your CRM System (Mar 3)

In this webinar focused on configuration, we will look at some of the newer features of Dynamics CRM Online (2015) in allowing a CRM Administrator to use access teams and hierarchical and field security modeling to better protect and increase performance of your CRM environment.

User Adoption Best Practices for SMB CRM (Mar 8)

Dynamics CRM can be adapted to fit any sized business. User Adoption strategies and training are especially crucial for small to mid-sized businesses due to limited resources and the need to deliver a successful CRM project with prompt ROI. In this expert panel webinar, we'll highlight winning User Adoption strategies, common issues, and how to address. You'll walk away from this discussion with the tools you need to get buy-in from your Users and a higher Return on your CRM Investment.

Session Outline:

  • Overview of User Adoption best practices for CRM planning, designing, roll-out, and training
  • Avoiding CRM project failures and pitfalls
  • How to create a CRM culture in your organization

Make CRM a Tool That Your Sales Team Loves! (Mar 9)

Most salespeople treat CRM as an afterthought and relegate its usage to a recordkeeping task to keep management off their backs. In this webinar, learn how to adjust the sales process and customize Dynamics CRM to facilitate the process in order to transform a sales organization. We will discuss sales process concepts and how CRM can be utilized to empower the salesperson, grow the pipeline, and increase the throughput of the team.

Making Magic Happen with Azure App Services and CRM (Mar 15) – coming soon

In this webinar, we will explore using Azure App Services to build amazing CRM solutions like you have never imagined. The journey includes exploring API Services and Logic Apps and more.          

50 Tips in 50 Minutes - Developer Edition (Mar 22)

If debugging is the process of removing bugs, then programming must be the process of putting them in. Nobody wants to feel that way when coding for Dynamics CRM! In this webinar, you'll get 50 tips for CRM developers by CRM developers aimed at getting things done faster, more effectively, or in ways you didn't know were possible.

Worst CRM Mistakes Ever - User Adoption Edition (Mar 30) – coming soon

Welcome to the CRM Witness protection program, where our Ask the Experts panel will reveal some of the stupidest mistakes they ever made in CRM, how it affected their user adoption, and the smartest ways they were able to fix the issues. This CRMUG "Best of Summit 2015" Series webinar is filled with self humility that only leads to renowned CRM mastery! Come prepared to discuss and share your own user adoption mistakes & remedies for success!

On-Demand Series Sessions Available for 24/7 Viewing by CRMUG Members:

10 Tips for Success When Designing CRM Solutions

Designing solutions for Dynamics CRM is not like designing solutions for any other software. This on-demand webinar shares 10 tips that should be used when designing and configuring solutions in CRM.

CRM Form and Entity Customizations 101

In this on-demand webinar, learn how to use the form editor in CRM to modify the layout of forms and add new fields to a given entity. We will cover basic customization steps that can be accomplished by a new CRM Administrator. Tabs, Sections, Fields, Notes, Bing Maps, or anything form-related may be shared. Join this How2 session to dive right in.

CRM Form and Entity Customizations 201

This on-demand webinar takes the lessons learned in the form and entity customizations 101 session last month and discusses quick create forms, quick view forms, subgrids, collapsing tabs, related entity navigation, and other form customizations and performance optimizations you will need as you take on more advanced CRM Administrator tasks.

CRM Superhero’s Tips, Tricks, and Toolbox

If you want to put some new shine on your implementation to ensure it is at its best, then this is the session for you. In this on-demand webinar, join CRM MVP Scott Sewell for this fun session and we'll fly up, up, and away to look at some of the best free CRM configuration tools from across the landscape. You’ll discover how they can help transform you into your super-CRM-configurator-persona.

How Social Engagement Can Drive Timely Marketing

Social Engagement opens up new channels of understanding for your prospects, customers, and market segment. In this on-demand webinar, come see the solution and hear real marketing scenarios leveraging Social Engagement.

Make the Most Out of CRM’s Recent Updates

In this on-demand webinar, find out the most important information about the new features that came with 2015 and 2015 Online Update 1 such as calculated and rollup fields, themes, and business rules. Find out when you should use a particular feature, best practices, and how to make the most out of these enhancements to the core product.

Who’s on First? Learning to Run Those Cases Better

Case Management has vastly improved over the years in Dynamics CRM, yet we still have the same challenges of knowing “Who’s on First” when it comes to helping our customers be successful and understanding the Key Metrics and trends to look for. Join this on-demand webinar to evaluate best practices in using Case Management in Dynamics CRM to serve customers better and score some runs as you learn to run those CRM bases better!

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