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Work with the Microsoft research team on a better Admin Center experience!

By Aditi Singh posted May 24, 2019 01:52 PM

​Hi There!! 

I’m the senior research lead at Microsoft focused on the Power Platform products: PowerApps, Flow, Power BI, and the admin centers for each (as well as the admin center for Dynamics 365). I’m reaching out because of your engagement with the CRMUG community, which makes me think you might be  interested in engaging with my amazing research team to help us improve these products. As a research team, we collaborate with users of these technologies to learn about their current experiences and get feedback on new design ideas that have not been included yet in the Power Platform products. This gives them a unique opportunity to see features well before we launch them and to share insights that will guide product directions and help us make the user experience great for users like you. 


If you choose to participate, we will not spam your email. We will simply let you know when feedback opportunities arise and give you the option to sign up for a time that works for you. My experience with the users I engage with suggests that they enjoy these sessions just as much as we do, primarily because of the interesting things we share. We also provide a monetary gratuity any time someone engages with us.  


If you are open to it, I’d like to set up an introductory call to answer any questions you might have and for us to get an idea about your current role and responsibilities as it relates to the Power Platform products and admin centers. We do have upcoming research sessions and would love to include you.


Please let me know if you have any questions or would like me to set up a 30-minute session to get the conversation started. I want to reassure you that this is no marketing or advertising gimmick.  We genuinely want and value your opinions and feedback and will use this engagement for that purpose exclusively.

To sign up directly into our research panel, you can go here: If you let me know your UserTesting username, we would love to engage with you for research right away! :)

Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions.